Tuesday, 26 April 2011 18:31

OCTOBER news in April.

Written by Christopher J. Dwyer

WHEN OCTOBER FALLS is now available worldwide. Click here to visit the 2010-2011 BrownpaperpublishinG catalogue and purchase a copy of the new novel.

OCTOBER has been receiving some press and praise across the globe, so be sure to check out the following reviews and assorted news:

- Axel Taiari reviews the novel at WeAreVespertine, official home of author Brandon Tietz.

- The folks at Booked Podcast have put together a fantastically cool review of OCTOBER. Check that out here.

- Caleb J. Ross reviews the novel at the Outsider Writers Collective. Click here to read it.

- And, finally, fellow author Richard Thomas conducts an in-depth interview with me at the OWC. Click here to check it out.

More news and reviews coming as the spring rolls on. Thanks to everyone who's purchased and read WHEN OCTOBER FALLS. I appreciate all of your support.

Lots of news on the When October Falls front. The novel is now available for pre-order by clicking here and is expected to ship by March 31. For those of you on Facebook, take a moment to "like" the official When October Falls page.

Nefarious Muse published an excerpt from the novel last month; click here to read it. And feel free to peruse the rest of the site, as they've published some damn fine fiction over the past few years (including a couple stories of my own).

My good friend Jesse Lawrence wrote a very early review of When October Falls at The Velvet late last year (yeah, I know, I've been slow posting news). Word of caution, however: there are spoilers in Jesse's review, so proceed carefully.

More news and promotional items to come over the next month, including some new reviews of the new novel and a feature interview at The Cult with neo-noir master and Transubstantiate author Richard Thomas. I'll also have a brief interview up right here with fellow noir brother Nik Korpon, author of the fantastic Stay God, in the coming weeks.



Wednesday, 03 November 2010 05:15


Written by Christopher J. Dwyer

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Welcome to the brand new ChristopherJDwyer.com. The new site has been nearly six months in the making and I would like to thank the web savvy Mike Gonzalez for his dedication, hard work and creativity for creating my new internet home.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated everyone on my writing. The most significant news to share is that my novel, When October Falls, has found a home at Brown Paper Publishing and will be released in March 2011. Much, much more news will be shared over the next couple months.

There are some interesting things coming up as we enter the final months of 2010, including several interviews, a dedicated Facebook page launch for When October Falls, cover artwork, and, of course, samples of the upcoming novel.

Click on the 'News' tab to the left of the page to stay up-to-date on all promotional items, reviews, interviews and other assorted items pertaining to my work and When October Falls.

With hellfire and love,